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Difference Between House and Apartment

April 24, 2011 Posted by Olivia

House vs Apartment

Whether it is an apartment or a house, a dwelling unit of his own is everyone’s dream. Normally it is seen that people live in rented apartments before marriage and it is only after marriage that they think of a family and house. However, there are many cases where people continue to live in apartments even after marriage because of the conveniences apartments provide that are lacking in case of a house. Both apartment and house are dwelling units with bathrooms and bedrooms. However, there are far too many differences to overlook. These differences will be described in this article to help people decide between an apartment and a house.


When one buys a house, he is the sole owner of the property and can live and do whatever he wishes to do in the property and is also responsible for all the taxes to the authorities. He is responsible for all the major repairs and renovations but also has the freedom to carry out modifications as per his own liking. However, he has to shoulder the responsibility of shaving the grass in his lawn and also shovel the snow as nobody else has any responsibility in maintaining the property. Despite a house being more expensive, one has the satisfaction of having the property in his name that he can easily pass on to his off spring later in life.


Apartments are a result of concentration of population in cities and metros where open spaces have become scarce. A number of dwelling units are made one upon another and also side by side to save space and are called apartments. The person who makes these dwelling units is the landlord and he leases out an apartment to the person who wishes to live in it. You have a right to live as long as you wish in an apartment but the property remains in the name of the landlord. You do not have the liberty top carry out any modifications without seeking the permission of the landlord. However, paying of taxes is the responsibility of the landlord who collects it from you annually. He also has to make arrangements to keep the common property such as stairs, elevator and driveway properly maintained. There is not as much privacy as you can get in your own house but you also get the benefit of utilizing common property such as terrace and swimming pool etc.

Difference between House and Apartment

• Both house and apartment are dwelling units

• You own a house where as you get an apartment on lease

• You can easily modify house but you have to seek permission of the landlord in case of apartment

• House has more privacy than apartment

• Paying of taxes is your responsibility in a house

• In an apartment you may have to share amenities that are common with others


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