Sep 3 2017

Lease Purchase Homes in GA #rental #rv

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Lease Purchase Homes in GA

One of the southeastern states in the nation, Georgia boasts more than 9.8 million people, making it the ninth most populous state within the United States. The terrain of the state is very diverse, from the Blue Ridge Mountains in the northern part of the state to the coastal plains in the southern area of Georgia.

Rent to Own Homes in Georgia

For those looking for lease purchase homes in GA . this unique and diverse state has many opportunities to offer. Thousands of properties are available on the real estate market currently and among these properties, consumers can find a strong representation of rent to own homes. To help you decide whether a rent to own property in GA is right for your needs, here is a closer look at the area, it’s economy, the real estate market and other pertinent information.

When considering lease purchase homes in GA, it’s important to look at the state’s overall economy. The gross state product was over 400 billion back in 2010 and various Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies have their headquarters within the state, giving the economy a boost. Some of these companies include Aflac, SunTrust Banks, Home Depot, Coca Cola and UPS. Industry and commerce are huge parts of the economy, and tourism even offers a contribution to the state’s economy.

Job opportunities in Georgia

Job opportunities also must be considered when considering lease purchase homes in GA. While Georgia has seen higher than average unemployment rates within the past few years, in October of 2012, the state’s unemployment rate dropped to 8.7%, which is a down 1% from the jobless rate a year ago. From September of 2012 to October, 36,000 jobs were added, which is one of the largest September to October job increases ever seen within the state. This decrease in unemployment numbers and the increase in jobs may show that Georgia is on its way to stronger growth in the next couple years.

Buying a Home in Georgia

For people interested in purchasing a home, there are many homes available on the Georgia real estate market. You can search our site for HUD homes for sale, VA homes, bank foreclosures. for-sale-by-owner properties and more. Single family homes, condos, townhomes, manufactured homes and multifamily dwellings are available.

A large percentage of the homes available on the market are selling at a discounted price. Among lease purchase homes in GA, most options range between $60,000 and $180,000. No matter what area in Georgia you are considering, you’ll probably be able to find lease purchase homes available. This makes it easy to find lease purchase homes in GA all across the state. Those interested in finding rent to own homes in various area across the state can find excellent listings at

Life in Georgia

Most of the state enjoys a humid subtropical climate with hot and humid summers and mild winters. However, in the mountainous areas of the state, cooler temperatures are seen during the summer and winter. Individuals who enjoy a warmer climate and mild winters are sure to find lease purchase homes in GA an excellent option.

Overall, the state of Georgia has a lot to offer those considering relocation to the area. Unemployment across the state is started to decrease and new jobs are on the increase, which shows promise during these tough economic times. The real estate market offers many opportunities for homebuyers, including lease purchase homes in GA. The economy is diverse and the climate is a bonus for many people. If you’re considering purchasing a home within the state of Georgia, start looking at the options available to you, from rent to own homes to foreclosures. The market is full of excellent home buying options, which you can easily search through at for the best results.

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