Jul 8 2017

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One Way Moving Van Rental – Get a Quote Now!

One way moving van rental means you only pay for the trip to your home the moving van rental company takes care of the return trip. This is therefore the best option for long distance moves because paying for hundreds of miles while you are not using the vehicle is a big waste. However, note that not all long distance moving companies offer this service, but if you search hard enough, you will most definitely succeed.

Even as you search for a company with a one way moving van rental, note that the rate is usually higher than with other options. This means if you are moving over distances that are not too long such as between cities in the same state, you should do your calculations. It is important that you visit your new home so that you can have the exact distance in miles. You should then look at moving estimates of different cargo van rental companies and make calculations.

One way moving van rental is charged a fixed rate for the distance to your new home and you pay a pre-determined rate for each mile covered. You must complete your move within the specified number of days, otherwise you will be fined. You drop off the van in the dealership of the company and you should therefore pick a moving van rental company that has a dealership in the city you are moving to. This is one reason you should choose big cargo van rental companies these usually have dealerships in different cities and towns.

When searching for cargo van rental companies for long distance moves, you should note that one way moving van rental costs more during the weekend, during public and religious holidays and during the summer months. This is because there is greater demand for the moving trucks at those times and cargo van rental companies would rather go for people who are moving over short distances because they will make more money. You should note that prices vary greatly they depend on availability, the day of week or month of the year, on the demand of the truck where you will drop it, and on many other factors. You should therefore book a truck many months in advance and you should make sure you get a binding quote.

You should be on the lookout for discounts with long distance moves because they can be very expensive. You should therefore consider searching for a one way moving van rental over the internet because there are many companies offering the service, meaning there is a greater chance of getting a discount as companies try to attract new clients.

Getting cargo van rental companies has additional benefits such as convenience and anonymity.

For those who want to move over short distances, the best option is paying based on the time taken. However, with longer distances, you should not accept this option because there could be delays due to traffic jams, due to the slow driving of the driver, due to vehicle breakdown, or due to any other external factor.

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