Apr 10 2019

Poems on the internet

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Poems on the internet, NEF6.COM

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W hat started out to be a (one) page entitled A Couple of Cop Poems in 1997, has turned into the internet’s largest Police Poems site called Further, you can now use a search engine to find just the right poem!

S pecial thanks to the A uthors of the poetry and prose on this site. Their talents are a compilation of very real meaningful poems. Some will bring to memory those who made the Ultimate Sacrifice for us, some will bring you to tears, some will keep you safe on the front lines, but ALL will touch the inner depths of your heart.

IF you are a family member, a partner, a loved one, or friend, then I pray that the right poem(s) will help to bring some relief and closure to the ever continuing loss that you are going through. It is a void that never can be filled. For additional support you may wish to go to Your Closest Back-Up

IF you are a member of the General Public, then I pray that these poems will bring a greater understanding of just who it is that we are, what it is that we do and a proper respect of those who Protect Serve.

T hanks also for the many letters from those who have been touched deeply through this site – YOU are the reason and inspiration!

V isitors since June 28, 1998 can’t be wrong !

T hose poems with a have music (midis) with them. Music adds another dimension to the written script, so IF you don’t have the FREE Crescendo Midi Player make sure you download it! This background music is usually at the choice of the submitter of the poem.


GENERALLY – I need at least the REQUIRED items below completed. Submissions should be Police Poems about all kinds of Law Enforcement. I may accept some poems that are a little more broader IF they of the type that lift up, give support, help in the time of hurt and can be easily understood to be doing just that.

IF you would like to have your poem or prose posted here, please e-mail me with your particulars for inclusion at the address below. I use a standard Copyright � Disclaimer for your protection. While not ALL information is NOT Required it does help me to present your work in the most appropriately way, with the feeling and effect you desire. Items that are not required may be left up to my discretion.

TIME – Working full-time now for the U.S. Marshal Service (CSO), maintaining a Motor Vehicle Collision Reconstruction business, amongst other life that I am FULL-filling may require a bit of time to get your poem up, but it WILL be done! There are times when I get behind, so bear with me Brothers and Sisters.

What I’ll do is put the name of the poem in the index above along with a Coming notation and a. When you see it hyperlinked and a , it’s up and running! (I’ll take the time to send you an e-mail to let you know.) Here is what I need:

REQUIRED (at least please)

Your Name – (you can still write under a different name below )

  • Name of Poem and Author. – (again you may use the name you write unde r)
  • Date Written. – (the year or as close as you can get in that this will be used for Copyrightinformation. )
  • Credits. – (Name, e-mail and/or URL address – this will be used for people to contact youfor permission to use your poemand to connect to those you are honoring. )
  • E-Mail Address. – be sure to give me an address I can reply to. IF you have AOL or a similar Internet Provider, be sure to set your preferences for me to be able to e-mail you back! I’ve had a few where I got rejected from replying.
  • Send the Poem by e-mail or direct me to a Internet Site. You may use the following formats: E-mail (Plain text. rft and HTML ), MS Word (*.doc), WordPerfect (*.wpd), Lotus AmiPro (*.sam), Lotus WordPro (*.lwp), Rich Formatted Text (*.rft) and anything from MS Notepad or WordPad .
  • IMPORTANT – PLEASE keep me informed of any changes in your site location and/or E-mail address? I’ll need the names of your poems you have posted here, so that I can find them easier.

    RECOMMENDED (to personalize)

    Background Graphic or color scheme to personalize the presentation of your talent? (Departmental Colors, Emblems, Badges, background, etc. ) – But, not required – It’s your poem OR we can communicate via e-mail, ICQ, AOL, Yahoo or MSN Messengers to decide – I’ll always contact you when it’s up on the net and ask for your approval. This is why a receivable e-mail address is important.

  • Please do NOT embed your graphics in a document, but send them as an attachment or give me a location to grab them. Embedded graphics may look good in the document, but come out very substandard on the internet.
  • Dedication or In Memoriam. Do you want this? (To a particular person(s), Department, Division, etc. )
  • Graphics (Departmental Logo, Patch, etc. )
  • Music. (midi) – (A particular song that relates to the poem, the person you are writing about, a favorite of that person or the situation. I will try hard to find that song, IF available in the midi format. )

  • I want YOUR Poem to be right for YOU, so don’t be afraid to request ANY changes. No changes are too big or small for me!

    IF you have a poem on your site and like your own style and site, I can link directly to your site if you would prefer? IF you have a Poem Site with Police Poems on it I would be love to give a Reciprocal Link to you! (Please use the logo above and/or text link to this page.)

    IF one of your poems is here, please e-mail me also so that I may give you the Proper Credits and permissions for inclusion, especially if your name is Anonymous or Unknown.

    GOLD STARS with the Simple Criteria of the response from numbers of those who read them, appreciation for your work, and especially on how the poem spoke to them in their time of need. Poems dedicated to those who made the Ultimate Sacrifice will always receive the Ultimate Respect with a Gold Star Designation.

    C opyright� 1997- 2007 – These poems and prose are the work of the individual writers and may NOT be duplicated, copied in any format without the express permission(s) of said writers and rightful owners. Wherever possible site and e-mail links have been provided for direct contact of said owners for permission.

    P olice P (The entire collection) is my work, style and hard labor. None of these poems have been obtained without permission of a site owner and/or the Author other than those written by Anonymous or Unknown. This site is totally Sponsored by Acrecona� – an Independent Safety Consulting company.

    T his ever growing collection should NOT be duplicated in any format without my expressed permission !

    IF you wish to build your own site or collection, by all means do so, but contact the individual Authors and sites for permission. I have NO monopoly of Police Poems. IF you are looking for poems for your site and are using my site as a source, then AT LEAST give my site the credit it deserves? Put my banner (above) with a hyperlink on your site or a TEXT line with a hyperlink and some kind words about my site and/or work ? Should I find a poem from your site or someone refers me, rest assured I will contact you first before posting it here; thus, honoring your work and your site will be hyperlinked at the bottom of the poems as to where it came from.

    PLEASE do not Copy (Steal) MY WORK.

    Click here for information on joining the The State Trooper Web Ring!

    Written by CREDIT

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