Apr 10 2019

San Diego Carpet Cleaning

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San Diego Carpet Cleaning, NEF2.COM

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24/7 Emergency Service Fire Damage Flood Water Damage Mold Damage Carpet Cleaning

One call does it all – From Residential, Retail and Corporate Carpet Cleaning to large Restoration projects, D-Mac Restoration, Inc. is a fully licensed California General Contractor servicing the entire San Diego Metropolitan area and carry General Liability Insurance as well as Worker’s Compensation Insurance. In addition to Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning, we specialize in Fire, Flood and Mold Damage Remediation and Restoration.

Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for Emergency Fire and Flood clean up services, including fire, smoke and water damage restoration. Our teams use advanced water extraction equipment and remain ready to respond to any size emergency. We can be on the job at your home, store or office within an hour. We will prepare damage assessment and restoration cost quotes that detail the scope of work and an estimated date of project completion.

D-Mac Restoration Services are fully guaranteed and in most cases the client’s ultimate costs are significantly less than other fire water damage companies within our geographical area. In addition to receiving the best prices possible, we want each and every client to be absolutely pleased. This is specifically why we proudly offer clients our unique Satisfaction Guarantee.

D-Mac Restoration’s services are professional and always within budget. Call our office and you’ll find our administrative staff to be helpful and capable, whether you are in need of a simple carpet cleaning or have major damage due to fire, flood or mold. We have years of experience working with insurance companies and will gladly assist you with your insurance claims. You will always find our restoration team to be extremely knowledgeable, experienced and professional. Within our industry, D-Mac Restoration is a recognized leader in our geographical area and only uses state-of-the-art restoration technology and equipment to restore your property. This routinely results not only in faster recovery time but, also in reduced claims/costs.

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D-Mac Restoration, Inc 8280 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Ste. 138 San Diego, California 92111 800-378-0360

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