Aug 12 2017

Timeshare By Owner – Bad service, Review 82393 #thrify #car #rental

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Bad service

I was looking to do business with Timeshare By Owners and saw this, then I realized that there is Timeshare By Owners, Timeshares By Owner, Timeshare By Owner,,,, etc the list goes on, so please be specific in the company you dealt with. I guess the company at the top of the page is who you all are talking about but have just used different names.

I received a call from someone with Timeshares by Owner last month, and after listening to the whole speech, they told me there was an upfront fee. I immediately told them I was not interested anymore (I’ve been told to NEVER EVER pay a company a fee up front to list your TS) and we ended the call.

I just received another call from the same company, from someone named Diana who said she was the supervisor of the person I spoke with originally (Courtney). She said Courtney is no longer with the company and so she wanted to call me to follow up and see if I still wanted to sell/rent my TS. I told her that I was, but not if I have to pay a fee up front. She asked me what fee I was told, I honestly I couldn’t remember. She said that they usually charge something like $1, 200. And I said yeah, no thanks. not interested.

She then proceeded to tell me that they have a “showcase” coming up this weekend and are in dire need of 25 properties to have by this Friday morning at 9:00. She asked me if I would reconsider if she could drop the fee. I said possibly, depending on what it is. She put me on hold to go speak with “her supervisor” and came back with a fee of $424 (instead of the original $1, 200 she wanted) with the condition that I’d have to give a written testimonial after they rent/sell my property, and also give my name and phone # to 2 other Westgate Resorts owners (I own at Westgate).

And to top it off, they keep telling me they can sell my TS for $18, 000+ (that that’s the going rate). Yeah right. I didn’t even purchase it for that much 5 years ago!

I told her I’d have to think about it and talk it over with my husband, but after Googling reviews on them and coming across this site, I’m not even thinking twice about it. They won’t get my money!!

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